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TITAN Seismic and Wind Isolator

 Kinetics TITAN Modular Seismic and Wind Restraint Vibration Isolator

  • Features KINETICS™ unique Heavy Duty Centralized Snubber Element for increased restraint capacities and reduced time in the field installing and adjusting isolators
  • Engineered to meet the latest building codes
KINETICS™ TITAN Modular Seismic and Wind Restraint Vibration Isolator is comprised of two interfacing but independent elements; two or more high deflection, free-standing, housed, large diameter, laterally stable steel springs, and a seismically rated housing. The steel springs are replaceable without having to lift or otherwise remove the supported equipment. The seismically rated housing is available in three (3) housing sizes engineered to resist nominal restraint forces of 0.5G, 1.0G, and 2.0G based on the max load capacity of the isolator model.
KINETICS unique heavy duty centralized snubber element allows 1/4-inch (25 mm) motion in any direction from the neutral position. The elastomeric snubber element is replaceable in the field after a seismic event without lifting the unit off the isolator.
Save time adjusting TITAN leveling bolts in the field with up to 270 degrees of arc swing on two (2) spring models and 200 degrees of arc swing on four (4) spring models.
The TITAN isolator/restraint is recommended for equipment mounted on a structural frame or concrete inertia base where the top plate of the isolator can be fully utilized.
The modular design of the TITAN allows it to handle loads up to 23,200 lbs. and provide up to 4-inches of deflection. As with any seismic restraint or vibration isolation device, direct mounting to light pieces of equipment may not be possible without an intermediate frame.
Product Features:
KINETICS™ TITAN Isolator was designed with the contractor mind. Save time during field installation and after seismic events with these exclusive TITAN features.

Leveling Bolt Access Reduces Field Installation Time

A full 270 degrees of arc swing on two (2) spring models reduce field installation time and adjustment of leveling bolts for the TITAN Isolator. Four (4) spring models provide 200 degrees of arc swing.

Heavy Duty Centralized Snubber Element with a 2 and 4 Coil Arrangement

A single snubber element allows the TITAN housing to take all of the restraint load at one single point while limiting contact stress to 1000 PSI. This allows for an increase in restraint ratings and also greater ease of installation and adjustment. The single snubber element can be combined with a 2 or 4 coil arrangement for up to 23,200 lbs.

Replace Seismic Subbing Element while the Isolator Remains Under Load

By design, KINETICS™ TITAN Isolator’s single neoprene element might incur damage absorbing the shock of a seismic event. Unlike most seismic isolators, the TITAN's neoprene element is quick and painless to replace. In fact, the design of the TITAN Isolator allows for the replacement of a damaged neoprene element while the isolator( s) remains under load. This allows the replacement of the neoprene element to be completed without removing the equipment that is being isolated.
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