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Wave Baffles provide a cost effective method for reducing reverberation in larger spaces with high ceilings. Improved acoustics and noise reduction in gymnasiums, arenas, natatoriums, multi-purpose and other large spaces is achieved utilizing Wave Baffles. Two types are available to meet your needs.

Wave Baffles are designed for horizontal suspension in a wave-like form at the ceiling level. This provides high levels of sound absorption for reducing reverberation in large, high cubic volume rooms. As an option the baffle can be finish faced on both sides and hung vertically as an acoustical banner.
The Wave Baffle is produced in custom sizes with suspension hardware that can be engineered to create the desired amount of vertical drop between suspension points. The typical vertical drop at the mid-point of the baffle is 6" or greater. A variety of finishes are available for baffles up to 48" wide and 30' long.
Two types of Wave Baffles are available:
  • Type SE: Sewn Edges with sailcloth or other fabric facing
  • Type HB: Heat Bonded vinyl encapsulates the fiberglass blanket
Both types may be suspended as horizontal “clouds” or vertical baffles
Type SE Wave Baffles utilize a sailcloth (nylon) or a Guilford fabric facing on the exposed side and edges of the baffle. The facing is sewn at the perimeter into the fiberglass blanket and woven scrim backer. For vertically hung baffles, the sailcloth facing can be applied on both sides. Attachment hardware is typically grommets built into the baffle. Type SE baffles provide greater durability.
Type HB Wave Baffles utilize a vinyl covering that fully encapsulates the fiberglass blanket with all edges heat sealed. Type HB baffles are the most economical. Optional perforated vinyl available.
  • Larger spaces with high ceilings that require reduced reverberation
  • Gymnasiums
  • Natatoriums*
  • Arenas
  • Multi-Purpose Rooms
*Note: For Type SE baffles, the Webcore vinyl facing and stainless steel grommets (optional) are recommended in pool areas
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