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Diffusers & Reflectors - High Tones Diffusers

 Kinetics HighTones Wood Diffuser Panels

HighTones Panels combine the beauty of natural wood with the science of quadratic theory to create sound diffusing wall finishes that produce a superior acoustic environment.

Acoustical reflection is often desirable in critical listening environments versus the absorption and deadening of sound energy. Higher frequency sound reinforcement through early reflections off of the walls adds brilliance to music and improves speech intelligibility.

Higher frequency sound is easily absorbed by common materials such as curtains, fabric covered chairs, and people’s clothing. Designing the room to create a scattering of high frequency sound reflections across the listening space is preferable and often required to prevent unwanted flutter echo.

HighTones Wood Diffusers are manufactured from 4" wide hardwood planks that are grooved in a sequence of sound scattering wells of varying depths. The planks are installed side by side so the sequence of wells repeats itself across a wide area.


1" thick hardwood, type and finish selected by the designer. Typical length is a maximum 96" depending on the wood species selected.

Acoustical Performance:


Auditoriums, Lecture Halls, Music performance and Rehearsal Spaces and other critical listening environments. Create high frequency clarity and acoustical brilliance without unwanted flutter echo.

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